CrookedFace News

With regards to a LinkedIn post that I shared earlier today, which is far too representative of social media appearing during this era of #Trumpyism.

This is the unfortunate but true status of our National values in the #Trumpyism era. Its painful enough for Persons With a Disability to know that its long been the nature of humanity to be as reprehensibly neglectful of itself as it seems to almost ignorantly be in this way. However, this pain becomes particularly acute when you consider the credibility procured by those of our HumX us which seem to adore ignorance and would chose to plunder their neighbors in the name of entertainment and dramatic effect. It is the credibility which seems to have been acknowledged by the greatness of us to the destituteness of us. It is the seeming reality that the honorable us have accepted cursing at our dinner table, the unabashed exercise of neighborly disregard, the absolute filthy behavior of those amongst the all of us who might otherwise go on a first date without so much as showering first: It is this reality, that makes this truth particularly hurtful. I can’t say that I am particularly upset with the ignorant behavior of the ignorant of us, for that has been a behavior of ours that I’ve known to exist my entire life. I must say that the spirit which burns in me as disappointment and begs me to impart discipline upon the family of us, is aimed at the better side of the us. For it is the best of the us that have been neglectful in voicing reason and humanity. It is the best of us that have not called some order to our home. It is the best of us who have let the child like wickedness, the praxis of moral paradox, and the inherent evil that men do us to run amuck amidst the us that is our home. #crookedfacenews #disabilityleadership #disabilityconsultants #vote