Summary of Proposed Work Coming Soon!

I will be giving a live interactive presentation of my work by Zoom in the coming days.

The presentation will be given live and afterwards a link to the recording will be made available here at (

I will be using this opportunity to cover my work entirely.

Whereas, I will explain the current nature of #disability, the general condition of #PWD, as well as engage in #discussion regarding my address of the #complications currently facing each of us, and especially PWD, deriving from underdeveloped understandings of #disability, #Disability, and #PWD.

Please share and look for exact dates and times in the coming days.

Thank you for your support and your interest in my work.

College of Education
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky

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*ALERT* Beginning Jan 10th, 2021. My main blog will be housed at

Link to the Real Crooked Face Blog — Disabilities Consultant

Feel free to follow the Real Crooked Face Blog to get to know my personal life, culture, music, interests, etc. Its a good place to get closer to what goes into being Joseph Carlton Barry according to my upbringing and overall bond to community, including my ownership of Crooked Face Productions – a record label […]

Link to the Real Crooked Face Blog — Disabilities Consultant

Education Leadership according to the Politics of the Underrepresented

Dr. Robert Stanley Oden of California State University Sacramento in teaching a course titled The Politics of the Underrepresented in 2010 inspired me to become a graduate student. The local news in Sacramento ran a story on him that can be seen by following the link below. Get to know the work of this amazing […]

Education Leadership according to the Politics of the Underrepresented

Aliusmodi Fasho

Aliusmodi Fasho: A Phenomenological Look at Current Ideographical and Ideological Inadequacies in Describing the Difference between Medical and Social Models of Disability Joseph Barry California Baptist University Author’s Note: This paper is being submitted to Prof. Carol Minton, Ph.D. in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Sociology of Disability, DIS 540A on December 14, 2012 […]

Aliusmodi Fasho