Higher Education Needs to Reconsider its Approach to Persons with Disability

I recently had to question (even to myself) at what point does disability, (especially cognitive/intellectual/mental types), justly make it impossible for one to attain advanced status in education; i.e., PhD, research, and college faculty positions? I had to face the fact even I had agreed that such a point exists. I’ve since concluded otherwise after weeks (maybe years) of considering my reasoning as to where this point is, and as to why it must be a point in the first place. I am going to post a blog in the coming days which discusses not only why such thinking is prejudicial and thus illigetimate as a way of reason, but also explains why I see it that some of the most advanced positions in education (especially in relation to certain fields), absolutely need to make space for Persons with Disability types that are generally considered severe, extreme, etc. of cognitive/intellectual/mental disability.

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Graduate student at the University of Kentucky

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