AI and the conditions of disability and Persons with a Disability/The Disabled

I would like to leave this space for those who wish to make a constructive point. As a very proud Person with a Disability, (I was named by the Sacramento Observer as being a Disability Rights Champion), it is a bit hard for me to discuss certain things amongst non-disabled people. One of those things is the necessary truth that there is an inherent aspect of disability that is undesirable, even to the most prideful, culturally aware, and conscious Person with a Disability (PWD). That being said, I think when persons who have not a clue about that experience, and who regularly speak on it as if it were there right, (that is, without respective thought, as being the repugnancy of the offense), a strange thing happens. First, PWDs are displayed as some manifestation epitomizing the righteousness of the point attempting to be made about disability, (by those who are not disabled). And, while this is an ugly sociological nature of Humans (HumX), it is not the underlying harm which is almost always created by abled persons’ translations of PWDs’ transparent discussion as to the worth of disability. The second, and arguably most harmful form of public harm which occurs in this context, is the drowning out of the voice of PWDs as to further meaningful iterations of the discussion. PWDs are use as evidence for any disability argument amongst the larger society, but never as experts with regards to any meaningful part of the discussion. It’s like watching two parents fight over custody.

This post is meant to facilitate an honest transparent discussion. This discussion will naturally lead to difficult subject matter, but so long as one’s input is not meant to be facetious, malicious, nor the like, the input is more than welcome. Accordingly, in counteracting the historical societal proclivity to preclude the obvious expertise of PWD; any PWD (so long as their input remains in the ranges of decency and transparency I have afforded to the likes of maliciousness), will be inherently considered an expert of issues related to disability; especially if the disability they are speaking to is part of their natural HumX condition/diagnosis. Please share and invite widely to any circles you feel may add to or learn from what will hopefully evolve into a healthy discussion on the nature of worth with regards to disability.

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