The Journey Begins

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I have came a long way to be. I was diagnosed first with bone cancer at the age of 3. This was in 1981 and the doctors were wrong about that original diagnosis. This blog is about my journey since that day. It encompasses some of my experiences, beliefs, art, and scholarly works which evolved from a 3 year old mistakenly diagnosed with bone cancer, to a life lived unapologetically crippled and nevertheless as full  as possibly there ever may be. As such, I hope my life’s work does more to inform rather than to inspire. While I have been accused many times of being inspirational, and I don’t wish to demean any of those accusations, nor to disrespect my own inspirational nature – this is a trait I embrace and welcome. Yet, if I can be relatively just as meaningful as a source of information then I may empower others in a way that transcends the limits of pure inspiration. That is, by imparting truthful/accurate information, I have bestowed some amount of a natural power (knowledge) that can be a tool for, or even drive, one’s aspirations to whatever good they are inspired by.


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Graduate student at the University of Kentucky

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